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Luc Laszlo Mady

Fantasy Author


Newest Release

Blood-Red Eyes: Trials 

One who seeks revenge digs no graves for immortals.

Vampire spies run freely across the land, as the world is ignorant of their existence. They stand in the shadows of those in command, influencing the nations without remorse. They obey the whims of their master, Lord Uriel.

The magical children of the Drake, Mage, and Islander Nations, and twins of the Order intrigue Lord Uriel. Their lives separate yet connected through tragedy and the interests of the weak and powerful alike.

Will the magical children be treated as allies, enemies, or toys for the immortals? Will Lord Uriel and his vampires retain control over the world, or will the old gods turn it into a battleground? Either way, the magical children must strive for survival and their beliefs. The consequences will be dire, the world hangs in the balance.


Only the fortunate will die quickly.


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About Laszlo Mady

Fantasy has been a passion for L. Laszlo Mady since he was told by his uncle to stop running around the house and sit and watch The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring that was playing so everyone in the house could have some peace. Engrossed in the movie, Laszlo became hooked on the idea of magical worlds. He was instantly inspired and started attempting to write his own.

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